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Automatic Pipe Welding Systems


Automated Pipe Welding System

Automated Pipe Welding Equipment And Machines

Pandjiris 1998 Hot Wire Tig Automated Pipe Welding System. A Complete Hot Wire Tig Pipe Welding Station that Includes a Pandjiris 4’ x 4’ Manipulator on Travel Car, 2 each Pandjiris HS-20PE-VS Headstocks with TJ-20 Chucks, Pandjiris Pipe Supports on Manual Travel Cars, Miller / Jetline Welding Package and a Complete set of 50’ Tracks. Please Ask for a Detailed Specification Sheet. Excellent Condition

Automatic Pipe Welding Specifications and Features :

Manipulator : Pandjiris Model 88. 4’ Variable Speed Elevation (3 to 73 IPM) from 20-1/2” to68-1/2”. 4’ Variable Speed Reach (3 to 110 IPM) from 21” to 69” from the Center of the Column. Powered Mast Rotation with Limits for 180 Degree Indexing from One Headstock To the Other. Mounted on a Pandjiris Model 3042 VSC Variable Speed Travel Car and 50’ of 42 Gauge Track. Also Has a Welder Platform to Carry all the Welding Equipment with the Travel Car and Spring Style Electric Cable Reels Mounted on Travel Car. Serial #12223ECO

Headstocks: 2 each Pandjiris Model HS-20-VS-PE. 2,000 lb Capacity @ 5” Center of Gravity, Variable Speed Rotation from .07 to 1.4 RPM. 12” Power Elevation from 33” to 45” to the Center of the Rotational Axis.

Both Headstocks are Equipped with the Following Options :

  • Pandjiris TJ-20 Quickset Gripper Chuck, 1” to 16-1/2” Outside Clamping Capacity, 6-1/4” to 20” Inside Clamping Capacity.
  • Pandjiris “Dialweld” Control – Shows Linear Speed in IPM for Diameter Set on Selector – Dial Diameter to Welded, Dial Weld Speed, and the Table RPM is Automatically set to Weld Diameter at a Selected Welding Speed.
  • 3 Each Heavy Duty Roller Head Pipe Supports on Manual Travel Cars that sit on 50’ of 24 Gauge Track

Second Hand Reconditioned Welding Equipment :

  • “1998” Miller Phoenix 456 CC/CV Power Supply, 450 amp, 100% Duty Cycle, Serial #KJ079755Miller HF-20-1WG High Frequency Unit
  • Bernard 3500 Water Circulator
  • Weldcraft WP-27B 500 Amp Water Cooled Tig Torch
  • “1998” Jetline Model 9500 Micro Processor System Control Serial #980394
  • “1998” Jetline ALC-201-V6T Arc Length Control with 6” Slide Serial #980198
  • “1998” Jetline Model 9200 Weld Oscillator Serial #980395 with a 9032-47105 Oscillator Programmer Control for Storing up to 4 Programs Serial #980395
  • “2015” Jetline Model 98028 Hot Wire Tig Feeder Control Serial #030111 and a HWP-200D Hot Wire Tig Power Supply, Torch & Wire Delivery Bracket
  • Thermal arc HE-150 Water Coolant Circulator
  • 3” Vertical Cross Slide

Rebuilt Used Pipe Welding Automation Equipment and Machines

Welding Manipulator and Positioners

Pandjiris Automatic Pipe Stationary Manipulator Arm and Unit Frame Turning Roll System. A Pandjiris stationary manipulator arm with a fixed height of 45.5” under the arm and a length capacity of 40’. The turning rolls have a 68,000 lb turning capacity. 7’ to 14’ diameter capacity with a fixed axel center of 72”. Variable speed rotation. 5 sets of 5” wide x 20” diameter rubber wheels spaced over the 30’ length of a variable speed travel car that runs on 69” gauge rail track. Welding equipment can be mounted on the end of the manipulator arm for internal longitudinal or circumferential welding on cylinders. 460 Volt. Serial #66-4595-WS901021

Hobart Manipulator / Positioner TIG Automated Pipe Welding System. Includes a 1,500 lb capacity @ 4” Center of Gravity positioner with power tilt and variable speed rotation. Positioner is mounted on a manual travel car with 2’ travel. Manipulator has powered lift from 30” to 90”, manual reach from 35” to 59” from the center of the mast. And a 6” horizontal adjuster. Current welding equipment includes a Jetline model ALC- 401-6 Arc Length control and model 9629 controller and a Jetline CWF-10A cold wire feeder. All equipment mounted into a single skid frame base. Serial #41-1641. WS704015

1996 Weldline / Miller GTAW Circular Pipe Welding Station. Weldline Automation Model WA-2 200 lb Capacity Positioner with a ½” to 16” Capacity 3-Jaw Chuck, Weldline 6” Arc Length Control, Weldline Weld Sequence Control, Weldline Cold Wire Feeder, 4” Manual Cross Slide and Rotary Slide. Pneumatic part Clamping. Welding equipment Includes a Miller XMT-304 Inverter Power Supply, Miller HF-251D-1 High Frequency Arc Starter, Miller PC-300 Pulse Control, Tweco TC900 Water Circulator and a Weldcraft WP-27 500 amp Water Cooled Tig Torch. Serial #WS604010

Arc Systems Automatic Pipe Welding System. Second Hand System Includes a Preston-Eastin HS-2S 2,000 lb Capacity @ 6” Center of Gravity Headstock with a 20” Diameter Scroll Chuck that has a 6-1/2” Thru Hole. A Weldlogic AWS-150 Advanced Tig Welding System that Includes Controls for Variable Speed Rotation of Headstock, Weld Current Control, Arc Distance Control, Cold Wire Speed Control and Feeder and a 1.0 to 150 amp DC Power Supply. 3 eacg 6” Manual Slides for 3 Axis Adjustment of Torches. All Controls are Mounted in a Single Remote Pendant Control. 230/460 Volt. Serial #HS2S-13-WS601002

Ransome Positioner / Manipulator / Sub-Arc Welding System. Pipe Welding equipment Includes a Ransome 5P 500 lb Cap. @ 6" Center of Gravity Positioner (Ser. #1314851) with Power Tilt, Variable Speed Rotation and Manual Height Adjustment. A 3JC40 40" Diameter 3-Jaw, Self-Centering Welding Chuck. A Ransome Model 99 Pipe Weld Manipulator (Ser. #9526562) with 72" Power Elevation from 0 to 71" at the Torch, Fixed Boom with a Manual Spotting Car from 44" to 88" from Center of the Mast, Manual Mast Rotation. A Complete Lincoln DC-600 Sub-Arc System with NA-5 Control, Weld Head And A Invincible Flux Recovery System WS404001

Compak-o-Matic Rotary Welding Station. Small Automatic Pipe Weld System Includes a Ransome B-100, 100 lb Capacity Welding Positioner, A Compak-o-Matic PC-300, 300 amp CV Power Supply, a Model 320 Wire Feed System with a Machine Torch, 8” Horizontal and Vertical Torch Adjusters, and Model 263 Control Module with Weld Time Function. Serial #1530-WS408001


fixed welding automation equipment

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