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used welding machinery
Second Hand Welding Machines

Pre-owned welding automation machines, equipment and systems. All fixed hard welding automation, non-robot type of welding automation. Dedicated automatic welding systems.

Ransome Positioner Manipulator Sub-Arc Welding System. System Includes a Ransome 5P 500 lb Cap. @ 6" Center of Gravity Positioner (Ser. #1314851) with Power Tilt, Variable Speed Rotation and Manual Height Adjustment. A 3JC40 40" Diameter 3-Jaw, Self-Centering Welding Chuck. A Ransome Model 99 Manipulator (Ser. #WS404001 ) with 72" Power Elevation from 0 to 71" at the Torch, Fixed Boom with a Manual Spotting Car from 44" to 88" from Center of the Mast, Manual Mast Rotation. A Complete Lincoln DC-600 Sub-Arc System with NA-5 Control, Weld Head And A Invincible Flux Recovery System. Very Good Condition

Pandjiris Model SWPT-102 Dual Side Beam Stiffener Welder. HD Welding Carriage, variable speed (0 200 IPM). Twin Cyclomatic Seam Tracking systems to locate torches on opposing sides of stiffener. Open-End Gantry Style Yoke with 96" of Weld Length allows loading of stiffener from one end. Advancement of sheet is readily done with help from pneumatic plate lift rollers that automatically lift part off back-up bar between welds. 15 Pneumatic hold down Clamps and Part Locators designed to automatically locate and hold "I" or "U" shape stiffener in place on sheet. No tooling or jigs necessary for part alignment. Back-up Bar for heat sink and part distortion control. System is capable of feeding Aluminum or Steel Wire using GMAW Process. Twin 180 degree water-cooled GMAW torches for high production. Remote Control Podium. Was used for welding stiffeners for aluminum dump truck beds and bodies. SN WS406001

Pandjiris 4 Head Gantry Welding System. Heavy duty gantry mounted on twin powered travel cars that runs on twin 60 lb track with 59 between rails. 166 side beam with 60 powered vertical lift (currently configured for 36). 2 each powered travel carriages, each with 2 Lincoln NA-5 Heads and 2 Cyclomatic mechanical seam trackers. 4 Lincoln DC-1000 power supplies. Invincible flux recovery system. Please ask for a detail specification sheet. Good Condition SN WS100546P

Ogden Dart Dual Head Submerged Arc Beam Welding System. 117 welding table that has 50 of hydraulic clamping by cylinders every 12 down the 50 length. 5 to 26 clamping capacity. 2 each hydraulic pumps with reservoirs. Variable speed welding carriage with 15 air powered vertical lifters, 30 horizontal air powered slides and manual spring loaded seam trackers. Welding equipment includes 2 each Lincoln DC-1500 power supplies, 2 each Lincoln NA-5 controls and heads that each are set up for tiny twin arc wire, a flux recovery system and all cables with cable tray. Serial #WS100305P Good Condition

Compak-o-matic Model 440A 6 Linear Dual Torch Mig Welding System. 6 maximum welding length. Dual torch with up to 13 between the torch heads. 6 manual in/out slide for fine adjustment. 3 manual right/left fine adjuster. 6 stroke in/out indexing table for loading and unloading. System includes 2 wire feeders and system controller. Welding power supplies NOT included. Serial #WS809001 Good Condition

Hobart Manipulator / Positioner TIG Welding System. Includes a 1,500 lb capacity @ 4 Center of Gravity positioner with power tilt and variable speed rotation. Positioner is mounted on a manual travel car with 2 travel. Manipulator has powered lift from 30 to 90, manual reach from 35 to 59 from the center of the mast. And a 6 horizontal adjuster. Current welding equipment includes a Jetline model ALC- 401-6 Arc Length control and model 9629 controller and a Jetline CWF-10A cold wire feeder. All equipment mounted into a single skid frame base. Serial #WS704015 Very Good Condition

1996 Weldline / Miller GTAW Circular Welding Station. Weldline Automation Model WA-2 200 lb Capacity Positioner with a to 16 Capacity 3-Jaw Chuck, Weldline 6 Arc Length Control, Weldline Weld Sequence Control, Weldline Cold Wire Feeder, 4 Manual Cross Slide and Rotary Slide. Pneumatic part Clamping. Welding equipment Includes a Miller XMT-304 Inverter Power Supply, Miller HF-251D-1 High Frequency Arc Starter, Miller PC-300 Pulse Control, Tweco TC900 Water Circulator and a Weldcraft WP-27 500 amp Water Cooled Tig Torch. Serial # WS604010 Good Condition

Arc Systems Automatic Pipe Welding System. System Includes a Preston-Eastin HS-2S 2,000 lb Capacity @ 6 Center of Gravity Headstock with a 20 Diameter Scroll Chuck that has a 6-1/2 Thru Hole. A Weldlogic AWS-150 Advanced Tig Welding System that Includes Controls for Variable Speed Rotation of Headstock, Weld Current Control, Arc Distance Control, Cold Wire Speed Control and Feeder and a 1.0 to 150 amp DC Power Supply. 3 each 6 Manual Slides for 3 Axis Adjustment of Torches. All Controls are Mounted in a Single Remote Pendant Control. 230/460 Volt. Serial #WS601002 Good Condition

Pandjiris 1998 Hot Wire Tig Pipe Welding Station. A Complete Hot Wire Tig Pipe Welding Station that Includes a Pandjiris 4 x 4 Manipulator on Travel Car, 2 each Pandjiris HS-20PE-VS Headstocks with TJ-20 Chucks, Pandjiris Pipe Supports on Manual Travel Cars, Miller / Jetline Welding Package and a Complete set of 50 Tracks. Please Ask for a Detailed Specification Sheet. Excellent Condition WS509001

Mark Five Manipulator/Turntable System. Turntable : 1,000 lb Capacity, 20 High. 24 Diameter Table with Slots. Variable Speed Drive from .01 to 1.4 RPM. The Manipulator if Fixed Over the Turntable with a Manual Lift of 34 from 5.25 to 39.25 above the table and a Manual Reach of 24. Serial #WS507001 Good Condition

Fixed Welding Automation Accessories

NA3U Used Lincoln NA-3 Sub-Arc Welding System. Complete with NA-3 control, NA-3S head, contact nozzle assembly, flux hopper, 60 lb wire real assembly, horizontal adjuster, vertical adjuster and 35 control / welding lead cable. Power supply NOT included. Good Operating Condition we can Mount equipment as a service.

NA5U Used Lincoln NA-5 Sub-Arc Welding System. Complete with NA-5 control, New NA-5S head, contact nozzle assembly, New flux hopper, 60 lb wire real assembly, horizontal adjuster, vertical adjuster and 35 control / welding lead cable. Power supply NOT included. Good Operating Condition

61M Pandjiris 61-M Manual Cross Slides. 200 lb Capacity @ 6 C.G., 6 Stroke. Hand Wheel Adjustment. Priced Per Pair.

61P Pandjiris 61-P Powered Cross Slides. 200 lb Capacity @ 6 C.G., 6 Stroke. Motorized constant speed travel. Joystick control. Shipping weight 110 lbs.

WCS-8 Profax WCS-8 Manual Cross Slide. 200 lb Capacity @ 4 C.G., 7 7/8 Stroke. Hand Wheel Adjustment. Shipping weight 21 lbs.

WCS-88 Profax WCS-88 Manual Cross Slides. 200 lb Capacity @ 4 C.G.,7 7/8 Stroke. Hand Wheel Adjustment. Shipping weight 42 lbs.

WCS-88M Profax WCS-88M Powered Cross Slides. 200 lb Capacity @ 4 C.G.,7 7/8 Stroke. Motorized variable speed travel from 0-.8 i.p.m. Joystick control. 115 Volts Shipping weight 98 lbs

WCS-222 Profax WCS-222 3-Way Torch Adjustment Slide. 10 lb Capacity ,1 3/8 x 1 3/8 x 1 3/4 Manual Hand Wheel Adjustment. V-Block torch clamp adjusts for 5/8 to 1 3/8. Shipping weight 3.5 lbs

WO-1S Profax WO-1S Linear Welding Oscillator.10 lb Capacity , 0 to 1 9/16 Weld Width. 0 to 130 i.p.m. V-Block torch clamp adjusts for 5/8 to 1 3/8. Oscillation Dwell 0 to 2 sec. Pendant control.110 or 220 Volts. Shipping weight 35 lbs

WO-1V Profax WO-1V Angle Welding Oscillator.10 lb Capacity , +/- 8 degree Swing Width. Center line adjustment +/- 4 degrees left, right. 0 to 30 i.p.m. V-Block torch clamp adjusts for 5/8 to 1 3/8. Oscillation Dwell 0 to 2 sec. Pendant control.110 or 220 Volts. Shipping weight 35 lbs. NEW IN STOCK!! $ 3,328.

WOS Universal Subarc Weld head Swivel Koike-Aronson Orientation Swivel. 360 degree manual swivel used to orient welding head on the end of a manipulator. 2,000 lb capacity.

Used Welding Fabrication and Metalworking Equipment and Machines.


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